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        Nursery Aerial Map

        Garden View Nursery

        Open to the Public

        COVID-19 UPDATE
        Yes! We are open!

        Normal business hours
        with ACRES & ACRES of Social Distancing,
        regularly sanitized common areas,
        and as always, high quality & value landscape plants

        Vast Selection of Trees and Plants in Our
        MultiMillion Dollar Inventory

        group of people selecting plants in front retail area of nursery

        Retail-Style Section In Front

        *This is a general representation of our inventory. Some trees and plants may have been sold or changed in appearance/price since the pictures were taken.

        Nursery Delivery truck loaded with Ficus nitidas

        Prompt and Courteous Delivery and Installation Services Available

        Free Garden Tips

        Receive rare specials, gardening reminders, and more!


        green state map of california with los angeles circled

        Our plants are grown locally and acclimated to our climate

        Unlike large retailers, our plants and trees are not grown in a greenhouse or another region and shipped here. They are not overly pumped with fertilizer and other products, which makes plants look great in the store but leaves them too weak to tolerate our climate and normal abuse. At Garden View, you will find strong and hearty plants that thrive in our climate.

        Green sales staff icon

        Knowledgeable Sales Staff

        Plant the best possible hedge or tree, in the most suitable location, with the friendly help of our team of experts.

        green signs representing nursery signage icon

        Outstanding Plant Signage and Descriptions

        Each item in our nursery has a dedicated sign with a clear description and our own durability/sustainability and water needs rating

        green truck representing deliveries icon

        Prompt Delivery Service

        Whatever size and quantity of plants you select, prompt and safe delivery is available. We cover the entire Los Angeles area and beyond.?

        green shovel for installation icon

        Installation Service

        Let our team deliver, dig and prep the planting site, and install your hedge or tree with our Plant Durability Guarantee*

        1000 Times the Selection of Big Box Stores

        Superior Quality?Plants?and?Trees?—?Directly from the?grower?at big savings!

        Price is important, but there is a lot more to it than that

        All trees and plants are not equal, even in our own nursery. At one nursery you might find a larger plant or tree with seemingly more robust flowers, but it may be so pumped with fertilizer and growth stimulants that it looks good only briefly. Though this plant may be sold at a lower cost (because it took less time to grow), or it seems desirable because it has more flowers, it may not be nearly as valuable a purchase as a slightly smaller plant that is acclimated to your climate. Our plants are never overly pumped and have a more mature root system. They are larger caliber, pruned correctly, hardened off, and simply more durable. You can be assured Garden View has low prices for the best quality and a wide unbeatable selection—and our friendly staff will help you select the ideal plants for your needs from our extensive inventory.

        Water-Wise Plants and Trees at Garden View Nursery

        no water icon

        You may be surprised to learn that most of the plants we all use need a lot less water than we give them. Many, if not most, of our favorite, most durable,?and blooming?plants are very water wise. To help you make good water-conserving choices, all plants at Garden View Nursery are labeled for their water needs.?See our Water-Wise section!

        With water becoming more scarce and expensive we need to consider how we use this valuable resource. The plants we choose, how we use them, how we irrigate them, and how we train them (see?deep watering?in gardening tips) are all very important in saving water.

        Water-Conscious Plant/Tree Categories

        Water Wise

        These are plants or trees that can look attractive with a minimum amount of watering. Some can tolerate a wide range of conditions but still survive on just minimum hydration. Few, however, can survive a long-term total lack of water.

        Drought Tolerant

        The plants and trees in this group are able to survive a drought. It is important to note that the term “drought-tolerant” is often mistakenly applied by the mainstream to “water-wise” plants, although in actuality a?drought tolerant?plant should survive a total loss of water. Sometimes these plants or trees may not look good with minimum water, and some may even defoliate or go deciduous, but they will generally survive and thrive when water has been restored.

        California Native

        As the name states, these are plants indigenous to California. They are generally both water wise?and?drought tolerant and are best planted in fall or winter. Most are somewhat finicky, however, and have low sustainability or durability ratings in irrigated landscapes. Though they may need some warm-season watering, they may perish with too much water. This often happens when they are mixed with plants of higher water needs. In season, Garden View has a fine selection of some of the most durable and popular California Native Plants.?See our article on California Natives.

        Though it is highly unlikely we will have a total drought in our planted yards, it is not unlikely we will experience water shortages and increased water costs. We believe that grouping water-wise plants together and using quality zoned irrigation systems is the key to having beautiful gardens with minimum water input.

        Plant the Right Tree

        group of flat icon trees

        Planting the wrong tree in the wrong place can be very costly—not only in terms of the cost of the tree, but of future pruning, removal, root problems, and multiple other issues. Garden View Nursery can help you avoid all this and make the best possible selection for your circumstance. We have thousands of trees and hundreds of varieties to choose from. Throughout the nursery you will find very descriptive signage with pictures of the trees’ flowers and our own durability ratings derived from our 34 years of ?landscaping?experience. Our knowledgeable sales staff will carefully assist you in picking the right tree, and our experienced crew can deliver and professionally install your tree for you. We can also install root guards?(to help keep roots controlled), deep water conduits?(to encourage deep roots), and soggy soil root protectors?(to reduce problems from poorly draining soil; includes both devices and procedures).