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        Landscape Maintenance Specializing in HOA's and Condos

        Valley Hunt Club Entry well maintained landscape by Garden View
        bradbury estates guarded entry landscape
        bradbury estates landscape
        Birds Eye View of Mountain Cove HOA landscaped in Azusa California
        Mountain Cove Azusa, maintained landscapes
        front yard with paver driveway
        impatiens azaleas at homeowners association
        annual flowers pathway
        Mediterannean style house with succulents on slope
        Succulents planted and maintained on slope of edging driveway
        cobblestone hoa monument with annual flowers
        colorfully maintained Home Owners Association Monument
        hoa monument with petunias marigolds
        homeowners association monument with petunias
        lawn tree landscape maintenance
        formal garden landscape maintenance
        grove style landscape at hoa
        fescue lawn landscape
        la crescenta landscape maintenance
        temple city landscape maintenance

        Our Landscape Maintenance Division is best described in the Garden View mission:?“grow, create, and maintain value and excellence.”?Our maintenance team is rarely hired for being the cheapest, but rather for providing the absolute best service for the price. We have earned our place as one of LA and San Gabriel Valley’s premier landscape maintenance companies with over 30 awards from the California Landscape Contractors Association (CLCA) for our maintenance projects alone.

        Garden View is the San Gabriel Valley’s landscape maintenance and gardening company of choice, and we generally service?Commercial Properties?and?Homeowners Associations.

        Commercial Properties

        Commercial office building with landscape maintenance by Garden View

        Never underestimate the level of professionalism evoked by a well-maintained commercial property! First impressions are everything, and making your customers comfortable is worth its weight in gold. All of our crews travel in well-equipped trucks containing all the tools needed to take on the largest of commercial properties, including riding mowers, hedge trimmers, blowers, irrigation repair supplies, chemicals, and much more.

        Homeowners Associations

        Pasadena CA Homeowners association with grass and landscaping maintained by Garden View

        Garden View has explicit experience in dealing with Homeowners Associations. We know what it is like working with a board let alone an entire community of people who all seem to have a different idea of what is in the best interest of the HOA. We are pros in mediating between residents, boards, and management companies to create a landscape everyone can enjoy and be proud of. Although a seemingly easy task, this rarely tends to be the case. The fact is that people care about their homes, and at Garden View so do we!

        Award-winning landscape maintenance services are made possible by a fully integrated team and system. Below are just a few of the ways we stand apart from our competition.


        All of our team members are continually educated. Through best practice training and monthly gardening instruction we have some of the most educated teams in the field. Southern California plant varieties are reviewed on a monthly basis regarding proper trimming and fertilization schedules.

        Insurance / Uniforms

        We carry all necessary liability and workers’ compensation insurance, and our crews are all uniformed, ready to greet you with a smile.

        Irrigation Expertise

        Water management is now more important than ever, and our crew leaders are all proficient in both irrigation repair and programming. With strategic irrigation planning/programming and frequent inspections of the system, we keep water consumption to a minimum, which is both economically friendly and ideal for plant health.


        We understand that communication with our clients is extremely important. For this reason, you have a dedicated account manager who is available by phone or email during the week or by emergency-line contact. Questions, concerns, requests, and comments are always welcomed, promptly responded to, and tracked to completion.

        Tasking Processes

        Accountability is a very important piece of the communication puzzle. All of our crews are equipped with tablets on which all notes and requests are tracked, reviewed, and seen through to completion. Any notes from our management team during inspections, from property managers, or from homeowners are assigned and tracked via this system, ensuring we are doing the job both we and our clients expect.

        Quality Control Inspections

        Besides having an excellent crew foreman and an account manager who will be making visits to your site and be available for walkthroughs, our teams also have a field supervisor whose primary responsibility is quality control inspections. He will make frequent visits to your property and work closely with the crew to plan with them, guide them, and continually educate them on how to handle challenges and imperfections in the landscape. This extensive knowledge base is founded on a career of over 30 years with Garden View.

        Board Planning and Budgeting

        With the bulk of our clientele being?Home Owners Associations,?we are very familiar with the processes and challenges that come with community living and investment. We work closely with boards to budget and plan for long-term upgrades, big repairs, tree trimming, etc.

        Continuous Technology and Systems Improvement

        “Working in the Spirit of Constant Improvement” has been a Garden View motto for over 30 years. We are constantly educating ourselves, trying new products, implementing new technologies, and looking for more effective ways to perform our great services.

        Interdivisional Synergy

        Having the resources of full-scale landscape design/build teams and a massive retail/wholesale nursery has countless advantages:

        Service Area

        Garden View generally provides landscape maintenance services to the following Southern California cities: Alhambra, Arcadia, Azusa, Baldwin Park, Covina, Diamond Bar, Duarte, Eagle Rock, El Monte, Glendale, Irwindale, La Canada, La Crescenta, La Puente, Monrovia, Monterey Hills, Montrose, Pasadena, San Dimas, Sierra Madre, South Pasadena, and Temple City